Performance signs

My energy cost savings are dependent on the weather but based on my estimates, well save about $3,000 per year here. Lastly, I can register … Read the rest

Ralph Dungan

Attached is a pictutre of our pv installation with a solar water heater in the background. The roof on which the solar modules are mounted … Read the rest

Quince Wilson

Mandeville, Jamaica

The 8170 watts system has 43 SUN solar panels of 190 watts. Mr. Quince Wilson has been 100% Solar and Wind off-grid system … Read the rest

Raul Reyes

Nuestro sistema es de 5 kilos con inverter xantrex xw 6048 y 12 baterias UB8d. Saludos, Raul Reyes

Peter Werdath

We are just finishing one installation. Here is one shot where we have only a few of the panels installed. We do our own installations. … Read the rest

Nigel Thornley

Then I purchased ten 190 watt Panels from Sun Electronics in 2008, and mounted them on a temporary frame, made of logs I cut from … Read the rest

Martin David

Attached is a photo of the 3.7 kW Evergreen PV array that we installed at our house in Honolulu. I’ve also included a photo of … Read the rest

Jeremiah Lach

Here are a few pictures of 2 of the solar panels I bought. They are hooked up to a 250 watt gridtie inverter that connects … Read the rest

Isaac Sorge

Pictou Island We installed the panels at our summer home, on Pictou Island, a remote island in the Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and Prince … Read the rest

Freddy Sutliffe

Still working great through a Coleman solar/ wind charge controller. I use a 12 v license plate bulb in the charge controller when we’re below … Read the rest

Doug Bennet

The panels are on the ground on the SE corner of my home. I hope the picture is good enough for your purpose Doug

Fred Dey

Tennessee, U.S.A

Here are some photos of what I have done. It’s about as simple as it gets. I have 8 – 200 w panels,1 … Read the rest

David Massey

Right now we are using the panel and the associated equipment and battery to power small appliances in our garage and to recharge my Craftsman … Read the rest

Daniel Brown

Thank you, The panels are doing great. I have 5 panels, two 30amp controllers, and 6/ 225amp hour 6VDC batteries. I power little over 1/2 … Read the rest

Dan McCullough

I doubt there any any Photos worth using at this stage. I was still in the learning process last fall and the panels are only … Read the rest

Coronado Solar

Our system includes all of the following items and more. Solar Install of 110KW System by Coronado Solar.

Daniel Oberosler

The panels charge four golf cart batteries through charge controller and a pure sine wave inverter to run a small freezer in my garage. The … Read the rest

Bill Cable

There are lots of places the sun don’t shine but on Sunday after a snow squall it was not shining on some of my panels … Read the rest

Andres Teichroeb

Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua Mexico I m sanding you some photos the solar sistem, I have not much for a photo of the panels.

  • 10 Suntech STP
Read the rest

Thurmond Moore

Here is the entire system. I have 2 arrays, both are from sunelec. The six panel array consist of 6 Sun-100 panels. The 4 panel … Read the rest

Dave Dayner

System works very well we run 4 rooms and kitchen refrigerator on solar/battery from 8:00Am to 10:00Pm on sunny or partly cloudy days. Have 4 … Read the rest

Brian Berreth

Here are two photos of my system. As the pictures show, they are installed on a shed at a 45 degree angle (facing south) in … Read the rest

Gary Lewis

I am extremely happy with these panels. They allow me to camp indefinitely without running my camper’s batteries down, which really enhances my camping experiences.… Read the rest

Max Pillie

The system powers some lights and AC outlets. It has a 2000 watt inverter and 350 amp hours of battery capacity. The system is built … Read the rest

Jaime H. Duarte I.


Allen and Cheryl

Little Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

I installed my solar system in 2009 in Little Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas. My system powers a 3 bedroom 2 bath house … Read the rest


These three panels float the load on “Folly.” Who doesn’t love free juice?

Fegley Donald

The two 130w Sun panels, mounted on off stern posts provide 13+ amps when the batteries need it. (Simple Xantrex 40 amp charge controller) Most … Read the rest

Albert Johnson

I have a static 4 panel array using 200 watt panels plus a wind turbine fabricated from an old chevy alternator with innards from Wind … Read the rest

Bevan Iredel

I live full time at Rennassance Faires around the country in a 5th wheel and sell power to 8 tent campers around me using 8 … Read the rest

David Day

System works very well we run 4 rooms and kitchen refrigerator on solar/battery from 8:00Am to 10:00Pm on sunny or partly cloudy days. Have 4 … Read the rest

Bob Marschand

Since we live on a wooded lot I have mounted the solar panels on a movable object so that I can place them where the … Read the rest

Marck Hadley

Here is a photo of the panels I purchased from Sun Electronics. This is called Array 3, the fixed array. It has 3 KW of … Read the rest

Linda Weinberg

I have known Linda Weinberg for almost 7 years. When I first met her she wanted a solar system to provide power to offset her … Read the rest

Gary Hoerner

I purchased (4) 210w Evergreens and (5) 140w Sun panels on 2 separate towers repurposed from pallet stacking racks, used to power our total offgrid … Read the rest

Jody Bennett

Here are some pictures of my panels in Hastings, Michigan I have 39 of the 50 I bought off of you installed and am still … Read the rest

Chris Spring

2 years off grid. These 12 panels are my winter superstars, mounted vertically they get the reflection off the snow. And an added bonus I … Read the rest