Andres Teichroeb

Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua Mexico I m sanding you some photos the solar sistem, I have not much for a photo of the panels.

  • 10 Suntech STP 200
  • 24v 10 Suntech STP 180 24v
  • 3 Windmax H12
  • 5 Blade 1.2kw 24v 4 Windmax H5
  • 5 Blade 650w 24v 2 Xantrax XW4024
  • 2 XW-MPPT60-150 8 510H

A forklift batteries 24v this system supplies 75% of the power we use in the hose the system works greate in medium wind speed and loves the sunshine I recommend using a 48v system and good quiality regulators for the wind genarators

Thanks, Andy