Bevan Iredel

I live full time at Rennassance Faires around the country in a 5th wheel and sell power to 8 tent campers around me using 8 of the Kill-A-Wat meters that you sell. Each camper has there own meter. They simply need to draw 20 watts for a light and to keep a laptop charged at night. We all live under the trees to stay cool and the panels live in the sun.

Tec Geek Time; I push 100vDC to 150vDC under 13 amps AC, 100′ to as much as 300′ using 10 gage 100′ exstention cords with less than a 3% vDC loss at 300′ by using one set cords for the positive side and one set for the negative side. I combine all 3 wires as one, on the positive side and all 3 on the negative side when pushing 300′ But one 10 gage cord with one pole for positive and one for negative is all I use at 100′ with a 2% vDC drop. So as soon as the campers come next week.

I’ll take another photo that will illustrate this. Plus a picture of all 8 meters with the mess of cords. LoL. It’s quite a vissuwall. And I will give more info about the performance of the Roles 350amph batts I just got from you. Plus me welding with your OutBack inverter. Plus the AC running all day. Thanks, Bevan Iredel