Dan McCullough

I doubt there any any Photos worth using at this stage. I was still in the learning process last fall and the panels are only in a temp mounting. I have decided on the South Facing WALL of the House instead of the roof (check out the attachments). We have had 55″ of snow so far and not once have I had to remove snow.

So yes that South Wall vertical is where they are staying.I can live with losing a little efficiency in return for not needing to clear snow. This spring the final secure and professional install will be competed using real solar rails instead of the temp stilts I made.

I have each panel on it’s own string using 10 gauge wire inside inside pvc conduit. (all additional panels with be installed same manner .own string connected to it’s own breaker) Once in the House I am using a break box for a combiner, a 2000 watt inverter and 30 amp solar controller connected to 3 12v Marine batteries (yeah I know another rookie mistake) From the back Porch I am using UL listed metal wire “dressy” metal wire runners from the back porch through the dinning room , through the living room and to the front porch.

The panels run (9) .4 watt bulbs in the Living room Chandler for 6 hours a night over the winter , the cable box , WII and DVD player and occasionally to run the pellet stove auger/fan. IN the Summer I was able to also run the TV for 4-6 hours in the evening as well. AND we had a 14 Hours blackout a month ago , my wife was able to get ready for work at 6 am , she had lights , was able to use her Hairdryer and have the TV going in the background..I was instantly forgiven for all the new holes in the wall 🙂 Plans are to add 2 more of the 195 watts panels, mounted using the correct rails and hardware so everything is neat and professional looking..and 4-6 6 volt batteries.

Speaking of which I paid for the last panels using billmelater.com when I checked out at sunelec. Do you still offer that payment solution? You could assist me in providing a link to the exact rails and hardware I will need for those exact Panels I ordered last year.. I cannot locate the user manuals or a pdf on sunelec for them any more. Like I said I doubt you can use any of those photos but I ‘ll have better ones this spring. Thanks, Dan McCullough