Martin David

Attached is a photo of the 3.7 kW Evergreen PV array that we installed at our house in Honolulu. I’ve also included a photo of another array that we installed previously that consists of 25 85 watt Shell Solar modules and 15 175 watt Shell Solar modules. Not shown is a third array of 15 175 watt Shell Solar modules. Total combined output of the three arrays is 8.4

The Evergreen array is connected to a Sunny Boy 4000 inverter and the other two arrays are connected to two Outback FM-60 charge controllers and two GTFX-3048 inverters with battery backup (8 Concorde 8D batteries). The aerial photo below shows our house with the two Shell Solar arrays, but the photo was taken prior to installation of the Evergreen array on the large west-facing portion of roof in November 2009, so that array is not shown.

We get an average of about 4.5 to 4.6 sun hours each day, so the Evergreen system typically generates about 15 or so kW hours per day, and the Outback arrays put out about another 20 or so kW hours per day. Dave