Nigel Thornley

Then I purchased ten 190 watt Panels from Sun Electronics in 2008, and mounted them on a temporary frame, made of logs I cut from the our nearby woods. I added an MPPT 60 the following year, and five more Evergreen Panels, ( 195 Watt ) bought locally, though I paid more for them, than if I had ordered from Sun. I wanted, at the time, to help out a young man who was getting into the Renewable business. Total wattage at the moment is 3,835.

The plan is to build an ” Energy Shed ” with a 36 by 16 foot roof section, facing due south, and sloped at 45 degrees ( our local latitude ) to accomodate these existing panels, and some more that I plan on buying from Sun Electronics, probably within the next 12 months, to bring my total up to 7 or 8,000 Watts.

I have the form for the shed foundation ready to go, and will pouring a floor pad as soon as the cold weather leaves. I intend to cover 100 % of my electrical energy needs using Solar and/or wind. Already the panels I have will provide about half of my basic power needs. Heat is a significant issue here in Canada, and, presently, we get 100% of our heat and hot water from a wood fired boiler.

The firewood comes from our woods, so we are totally self sufficient that way. I am 61 though, and don’t want to find myself having to process 10 cords of wood when I’m in my 70’s and 80’s, so the long range plan is to have enough renewables for at least half our heating needs. I have about 25 acres, so there is lots of room to put up panels. I am very pleased with Sun Electronics. I think you are a model of the good balance that should exist between making a profit and providing a good service to the public. I am also pleasantly surprised that you are organized enough to dig up my e-mail address from an old purchase, and interested enough to want to hear from me, and how my system is doing.

You are welcome to use these pictures in any way that furthers the cause. I have also decided that I am going to encourage a sustainable life style in any way I can, so I am available to talk to or show any one who is interested in visiting. Cheers to all at Sun.

Thanks, Nigel Thornley