Ralph Dungan

Attached is a pictutre of our pv installation with a solar water heater in the background. The roof on which the solar modules are mounted has a southern exposure. I am very pleased to inform you that our PV system is operating very well.

During the Dec-Jan period we have been averaging about 15 kwh/day during a period in which we have experienced quite a bit of intermittent cloud cover. During this period our high daily production was 19kwh and the low about 11 kwh. Our pv system is suplemented by a Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine on a 42′ pole (probably too low).

The turbine in this same period has produced on average about 7.5 kwh/day with a high of 18kwh and a low of .3kwh. Wind conditions have been quite good. I’ll send you a picture of the turbine taken from the roof on which the pv modules are mounted.

Ralph A. Dungan