Thurmond Moore

Here is the entire system. I have 2 arrays, both are from sunelec. The six panel array consist of 6 Sun-100 panels. The 4 panel array consist of 4 Sun-195 panels. I use 2/0 aluminum wire buried in conduit from the panels to the house.

The junction boxes are my own creation to go from aluminum to copper. Everything is grounded as required and lightning protected at the panel junction/combiner boxes. I am currently making about 6 kwH per day due to limited storage capacity (660 aH at 12vdc nominal).

The panels supply power for one room of my house currently (computers/electronics/phones mainly and house lighting). On the house end each array has its own controller. The 4 panel array uses an MX 60 and the 6 panel array uses a Flexmax 80. Everything is tied into a Midnite solar MNDC250 box. Both input from the panels to the controller and controller output to the batteries are breaker protected.

I am using a 500A shunt and a Trimetric TM-2025-A for monitoring battery state. Battery wiring to the MNDC is 4/0 copper. Inverter is a X-Power Inverter 3000 Plus modified sine wave. I am still working on new mounts for the 4 panel array since they are currently mounted on a T-Post / angle iron assembly.

It will be replaced by a mount constructed from 2 3/8″ oil field pipe and each panel will be able to track in an east / west direction.